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¡Reto Dravet estrena tienda solidaria!


Since we launched the Foundation in 2011 we have invested more than 1.5 million euros in research.

We partner with academia, industry and non-profit organizations to accelerate the development of new treatments for Dravet síndrome. Our projects range from diagnostics to drug discovery, preclinical and clinical research.

List of research partners and projects:

Completed Ongoing

bcbl Brain imaging in Dravet síndrome
bcbl Intracellular trafficking of Nav1.1 mutant proteins
bcbl Endocannabinoid system in Dravet syndrome
bcbl Developmed of A1783V Scn1a (conditional knock-in) Dravet mouse model and distribution among the Dravet community***
bcbl Spanish and European Dravet síndrome population estimates
bcbl Characterization of the European population with Dravet síndrome
bcbl Cannabidiol in Epilepsy European meeting
bcbl The Future of Refractory Epilepsy Syndromes, European meeting
bcbl Research on genetic-basis and genetic-modifiers
bcbl Screening of repurposing libraries on zebrafish Dravet model*,**
bcbl Development of cognition assays using zebrafish Dravet model*,**
bcbl Development of cognition clinical biomarkers

* co-financed by the Swiss Dravet Syndrome Association
** co-financed by the German Dravet Syndrome Association
*** co-financed by the Dravet Syndrome European Federation

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